When it comes to business signage, you need to find the right balance between professionalism and personality. You want to remain on brand, conveying your products, services and value above all the rest, but you also need to do so in a way that’s creative, surprising or thought-provoking. Customers are more likely to remember businesses that do this, and they’ll be more apt to give them their business.

Unfortunately, high-quality signage doesn’t come cheaply. Whether you’re talking about an oversize lighted channel letters sign in front of your store or a simple sandwich board, it can be a sizeable investment. But it doesn’t have to set you back too much – there are a lot of reasonably priced alternatives that can help you improve your company’s image while keeping you on budget.

One of the most affordable types of business signs are vinyl banners. They’re durable, weather-resistant and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit any business. They’re available as either single or double-sided and can be printed with full CMYK color. You’ll find vinyl banners hanging in cafes, retail stores and many other locations. Click here to find more https://www.torontosigncompany.com/.

If you’re looking for something more colorful and eye-catching, you can’t go wrong with acrylic signs. They’re a popular choice because they offer an attractive sheen while remaining durable and lightweight. They’re also shatter-proof, waterproof and can be printed with a variety of designs. They may be a little more expensive than vinyl banners, but they’re still a great option for businesses on a tight budget.

Projected image signs are another cost-effective alternative to traditional signage. These are often used for presentations, events and other corporate uses, but they can be a great option for business signs as well. The advantage of projected image signs is that they’re very versatile and can be displayed on any surface. They’re also very easy to install, and can be changed easily when you need to update information.

Another type of business sign that’s a bit more expensive is the aluminum sign. These are typically crafted from aluminum, and they’re available in both single- or double-sided. They’re weather-resistant and can be customized with any imaginable design, including full CMYK color. They’re commonly seen at sporting events, car dealerships and malls.

Lastly, you’ll find that pole banners are a relatively inexpensive type of business sign that’s used for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll see them hung on light poles in small towns and cities, often as a friendly greeting or to promote seasonal sales. These are usually crafted from either 13- or 18-oz. vinyl and can be printed with a variety of photos, images and text. These are a great option for small businesses that need to advertise their location in a highly visible manner.