As a medium for communicating your brand and message, banners are versatile. They can be used as large and impactful announcements for your business, events or tradeshows, or more subtlely as an extension of your brand image at different touchpoints in the customer journey. Their visibility and size make them a natural choice for drawing attention to your company or event.

Whether you’re looking for a specific look or for durability, choosing the right materials and printing techniques is vitally important. At Orlando printing company we use a variety of methods to provide our clients with the best possible results. Here are some of the most popular banner print options:

Contour cutting is a method that uses a highly precise machine to cut shapes out of high-quality signage material. This allows us to create a finished product that is consistent and looks great, even when we produce multiple copies. It also helps us achieve a quicker turnaround than other methods of printing, as we can cut the sign directly from the printed sheet without having to produce it separately.

This printing technique is ideal for creating large and detailed graphics with full-color imaging capabilities. It can be utilized on a range of different surfaces, including metal, fabric, and even paper. Digital printing offers a wide array of customization options and is an excellent choice for creating a one-of-a-kind banner that will draw attention wherever it is displayed.

Long-lasting polyester banners are a classic and effective option that will ensure your visual messaging remains in front of your audience for as long as you need it to be. They are woven from stout polyester fabric that measures at a hefty 230 GSM and emanate both elegance and durability.

For a more refined and portable solution, consider a custom step and repeat banner. These are a special kind of backdrop designed to display a pattern of repeated logos, often in a vertical format, for use as a background in photography and video. They can be a bit challenging to have printed by just any print shop because of their size and accuracy requirements, but they are an excellent way to add a professional look and feel to your booth at a convention or tradeshow.

For an even more streamlined option, you can choose to have your banners sewn with pole sleeves, which are small sleeves that are sewn into the top or bottom of the signage to allow for insertion of rods or poles. This gives you the flexibility to hang your banner on a freestanding stand, attach it to a wall or ceiling, or suspend it from a rope or cord. Adding grommets is another way to enhance the functionality of your signage, and we can place them in strategic locations throughout your banner for durability and ease of attachment.